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Lorina Harris

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Well, I enjoy visually describing the people, places and things that I think, read and know about. Also The things that move me, that I cannot see, or put my finger on, What makes me as well as others tick in the world, how we think and react about the stuff of life in general.

I always need to experiment with different media and techniques to get my point across. Often times it seems like some kind of a goulash when all together, but it seems to work very well with how I feel about about life. So far I have been working mostly 2-dimensional with the exception of a few installation projects I have done some years ago.

I don’t ever want to be stuck in a box unable to express myself in all the possibilities that exist. Sometimes I love working realistically ,but working purely abstract can also be extremely satisfying when describing the unseen elements of how I feel for instance when I must make a decision about when to go or to stay. Of course there are many attempts at combining the 2 as well.

The relationships between people of different cultures, sub-cultures etc. is something that also very much intriques me. Whilst studying my own thought-life, actions and reactions to different situations I am constantly compelled to think of how others see or think about what is going on around us. One would have to blind not to see all of the confusing cross-signals that children but also childish adults are subject to in our societies.

I consider myself a product of the times as far as having no real roots in 1 country or another. Born and bread on American soil but moving several times and living now 10 years in Europe has marked me for life as a world citizen. With my art, I plan to eventually challenge the thinking of the masses, sometimes through self-portrets in the form of a painting or photo or film etc. Or with some combination of shapes, forms and colors to help them look out past their own little boxes and to encourage them to stop putting others in the boxes they have dreamt up for them because they just never perfectly fit.

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Flower power

Flower Power



Simultaneous Layers of Thought

Simultaneous Layers of Thought


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